Paragliding in and around Verbier, Switzerland

Enjoy the thrill of paragliding in the Swiss Alps

For your next adventure, enjoy the thrill of paragliding in the Swiss Alps with our sister company Verbier Summits.

They make learning to paragliding easy & fun. The excellent weather and spectacular scenery mean that Verbier is perfect for paragliding. Experience the unrivalled joy of flying!

  • Tandem Experiences
  • Beginner & advanced courses
  • Certified expert instructors
  • English & French speaking
  • Top 25 flying sites of the world
  • An adventure of a lifetime

Verbier Summits - Paragliding School

Verbier Summits, our sister company, is an English speaking paragliding or "parapente" school in Verbier. Their customers have included high-fliers such as Sir Richard Branson, Bear Grylls and Bill Gates!

Mike and Stuart Belbas at Verbier-Summits pride themselves on their expert teaching at all levels from beginner to advanced. They offer internationally recognised courses, as well Fly-Guide holidays and packages with accommodation.

Learn to Paraglide

Mike & Stu make learning to paraglide very easy and above all - fun. All instructors speak English and are extremely experienced.

If you're not sure about committing to a longer course or have limited time, then a taster day might be the perfect fit for you. Held over one, two or three days, you'll get the hang of things very quickly.

Verbier Summits also offer BHPA (British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) accredited pilots courses to either Elementary Pilot or Club Pilot levels. The unusually good weather and high mountains allow maximum airtime. This allows Verbier Summits to guarantee completion of the syllabus in under a week.

Paragliding Tandems

Soar like a bird over the stunning Swiss Alps of Verbier in a tandem parapente flight. With no previous experience or particular fitness required, anyone can reach for the skies!

Instructors Mike & Stuart Belbas are true professionals with over 20 years of Alpine experience and 10,000 flying hours each! Their experience covers every aspect of paragliding - you'll be in very safe hands for your flight. All you need to do is enjoy! In-flight photos & video are available.

Thermal courses

Once a pilot is certified it may be a little daunting to strike out alone. This course is the perfect solution to build confidence, experience and self-reliant paragliding skills.

This thermals course helps new pilots improve their understanding of thermals, their techniques, and their decision making in the air.

Fly-Guide Courses

If you're a qualified pilot, a Fly-Guide holiday is a thoroughly enjoyable way to top up your skills and fly supervised in the Alps.

Flying alone in the mountains can be a little scary. Fly-Guide Holidays take away the stress and simply let you enjoy yourself. Gain in confidence, improve you flying skills and get the most from your holiday.